Bitsharescrude Holdings
and Escrow Services

Bitsharescrude Holdings
and Escrow Services

Bitsharescrude Holdings is an asset management/escrow service built on the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange, empowering local traders and liquidity providers to participate in an open financial marketplace with no barriers to entry.

More About Us

What we do

Deposit and Withdrawal of Naira from Bitshares DEX

Liquidity Pools

Invest in Bitshares, Naira, bitCNY and other Assets via our CRUDE Liquidity Pools

Stake and Earn Program

Own at least 5% of the total supply of CRUDE.LVCNY and receive monthly reward

Our Portfolio

The Bitshares ecosystem is designed to provide automated liquidity for its valuable equities and ours is no different.
Our Investment is tailored around bitCNY as the main stablecoin peg for our Naira asset and a host of high yeild liquidity pools.

Time to Next Reward Block

Our Liquidity Pools

Our Liquidty pools are aimed at improving the value of BitShares and CRUDE.ASSETS on the market.

Start up a Bitshares Portfolio with us..

Our aim is to Make Bitshares a model Cryptocurrency in Nigeria and globally

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